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About Me

All in all, I'm a pretty average person. I don't travel more than anyone else, and am honestly pretty happy at home. Still, it is a valueable treat, in my mind, to go somewhere new once in a while. Even if it's just a trip somewhere by car (which actually includes a lot of ground, as road trips happen often and I always have a playlist ready to go). When I was younger, my family moved around a bit, and that taught me that there is always something worth finding when you travel, if you're open to letting the destination guide you a little.

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Since most of us are keeping our travel plans light at the moment, it's understandable to look back at times when we've taken big trips, and see them through rosy filters. My goal with this site, is to share some of those past experiences, rosy or no. When it's time to take another trip, you can bet I'll be packing my bags and sharing those moments with you.

What's the most recent trip you've taken?

I actually got to take a delayed honeymoon, last October (in 2019). My husband has a yearly work conference, which I joined him on, and from there we hopped a plane! The conference last year was in Lyon, France, and our honeymoon following was in Japan. I'm lucky enough to have a friend living there, so my husband and I were able to find cheap tickets, and fly over to stay with him. We were able to use his house as our base of operations and leave from there to take trips here and there by train.

What do you use to take pictures?

I am by no means a professional photographer. I do use my phone, and also have a little handheld which we picked up before the last trip. My current digital camera is a Canon PowerShot G9 X Mark II and most of the better pictures shown here came from it. I am certainly a hobbist and although I'm still learning the technical aspects, really enjoy seeing what I can capture with what I have.

Camera aside, what do you always have with you when you travel?

I honestly probably pack too much! I blame travel anxiety, which usually sets in all the way up to when we've locked the door and taken our first steps out. I do however, try to always bring my switch, a book or my kindle, and some kind of craft project. When we went on our honeymoon, I brought an entire cross stitch project! Looking back, I barely touched it, but it's nice to have something to do with your hands during the downtime between destinations.

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